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Care Instructions

Seamless clothing is made of a nylon and spandex blend making them extremely smooth, lustrous, and lightweight to wear. They are built to last and will retain their shape for many, many years of wear so long as you take proper care of your seamless clothing!


1. Hand wash in warm to cool water (do not use hot water!). For the safest measures use cool water.

2. Use a diluted detergent or a light-duty detergent. We recommend an “eco-friendly” detergent for washing your seamless items since these detergents usually have fewer chemicals in them. Better for your seamless clothes and better for the environment!

3. Lightly hand wash your seamless clothing. Do not agitate or rub the fabric too harshly as they may cause pilling once your garment is dry.

4. Squeeze excess water out or lightly wring your garment to get as much water out as possible.


1. Lay your garment flat to dry or hang to dry. For best results, we recommend laying It flat to dry.

NOTE: Please DO NOT MACHINE DRY your Seamless clothing! Machine drying can cause the fabric to pill and make your seamless clothing less lustrous and less smooth.


Fabric pulls are caused when something rough or sharp pulls a fiber or group of fibers from the normal fabric pattern. This is not a manufacturer's defect. Jewelry, jagged fingernails or friction from rough surfaces all can cause pulls and snags.


Most clothing is subject to pilling. This is not a manufacturer's defect. The most common cause is something rubbing against the fabric. The internet has information on pilling, its causes, how to prevent it and how to remove them.


In some cases, our seamless clothing may have excess dye in it and may bleed color when washed. In such cases, the simplest solution is to simply go ahead and wash - repeatedly. At least one washing in cold water (without detergent), followed by at least two washings, WITH detergent, to remove the last bits of unattached dye. Warm water may be used for the last two washings as it is better at removing the last bits of unattached dye.

The test for whether all excess dye has been removed is simple: dampen the dyed item and iron it dry, while pressing it against a bit of white fabric.

With the proper care, your Seamless Clothing will always look fabulous! 

If you have any additional questions about the proper care of your seamless clothing, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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